As we prepare to say goodbye to 2022, it’s time to start thinking about how we want to ring in the new year. Whether your ideal New Year’s Eve is hitting the town and dancing the night away or hosting a cozy, informal gathering with friends and family, why not celebrate with an alcohol-free beverage or two? Just think of how blissful you’ll feel on January 1—waking up with fun memories of the night before and zero hangovers! No matter what your holiday plans may be, NOPE has got you covered. Our delicious zero-proof drinks are the perfect addition to your New Year’s celebration. Here are a few ideas for starting 2023 in style.

Fueling Up Before a Big Night Out

If you and your friends are ringing in the new year by dining at a restaurant, catching a show, or hitting the dance floor, half the fun is getting ready for your big night out. As you select your outfit, put on makeup, or get ready with your friends, sip on one of NOPE’s delicious beverages to get in the party mood. Our Mango Margarita With Jalapeño is the perfect way to start the evening—with sweet and spicy notes, this bubbly, zero-proof beverage will pump you up for a night you’ll never forget. Graze on some festive appetizers and get your drink on before hitting the town and living it up!

Keeping it Low-Key

For those who prefer to stay in and chill with their close friends or family, drinking NOPE is a great way to celebrate the new year. Sip on one of our tasty beverages while playing board games, watching movies, or simply connecting with loved ones over the holidays. Mellow flavors like Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade and Strawberry Basil Smash go with everything, so feel free to pair them with tasty appetizers or hearty meals to keep things festive. When the clock strikes midnight, use these alt-tails to toast the beginning of 2023. Happy New Year, indeed!

Kicking it Solo

This New Year’s Eve, you may not feel like being social. However, just because you’re opting for some solo time does not mean you have to miss out on the celebration! If your ideal night involves a warm bath, gentle music, journaling, or watching your favorite show, sipping on one of NOPE’s beverages straight from the can or poured over ice will provide the perfect accent. Let the calming notes of herbs and subtle bursts of natural fruit flavors delight your taste buds as you relax into your evening. Select from one of our four delectable flavors to level up your night of self-care and rest. 

New Year, New You

We know that you have plenty of tasty alcohol-free beverage options to choose from, so what makes NOPE special? Well, we believe in quality ingredients above all else. You won’t find any artificial flavors or sweeteners in our premium alt-tails—just delicious artisanal blends to sip on anywhere, anytime.

December 21, 2022