The holiday season is upon us! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now’s the time to start planning your celebration with family and friends. Whether you are hosting a small Friendsgiving party or attending a large Thanksgiving dinner with extended family, figuring out what to serve or bring can be a bit confusing. It’s one thing to think about what dishes to make—but what about drinks? Many gatherings feature cocktails, wine, or beer, leaving those who don’t want to consume alcohol with limited options (water or sparkling cider, anyone?). Well, gone are the days of boring non-alcoholic drinks! Sipping on a NOPE beverage allows partygoers to feel festive and celebrate Thanksgiving with fun and flair. Here are just a few ideas for how to pair NOPE beverages with some classic Thanksgiving dishes.

Turkey + Cranberry Sauce + A Crisp, Slightly Tart Beverage

For the main event, you need something bright and fizzy that complements Thanksgiving flavors. NOPE’s Raspberry Lime Ginger Beer pairs beautifully with the savory turkey (or nut loaf!) and stuffing, adding a pop of sweetness and citrus to enhance these flavors. Whether you’re team gravy or team cranberry sauce (or both), you’ll enjoy how NOPE’s crisp, dry, and refreshing Raspberry Lime Ginger Beer tastes with these Thanksgiving classics. Or, try our Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade alongside these savory dishes for a lightly sweet, tart, and complex pairing.

Side Dishes + Something a Lil’ Spicy

Let’s be honest—Thanksgiving side dishes are often the stars of the meal. From creamy mashed potatoes to candied yams to green bean casserole, these comfort foods practically scream for a little jolt of spice. NOPE’s Mango Margarita with Jalapeño takes these dishes to the next level! This tropical and tangy beverage offers a bit of heat to complement the richness of these classic side dishes. Sipping on this drink will bring a bit of sunshine to the table as you catch up with your loved ones.

Dessert + Refreshing Flavors

Ah, dessert. Whether you stick to more traditional classics like pumpkin pie or you’re more of an ice cream-and-cookies kind of family, there is no “wrong” way to do Thanksgiving dessert. As you enjoy these sweet treats, consider sipping on NOPE’s Strawberry Basil Smash. The juicy, earthy, and balanced flavors in this beverage play exceptionally well with the sweetness of pies and cakes. If you’re looking for a drink that’s even more subtle to add hints of savoriness to your dessert experience, our Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade can do the trick.

Celebrating the Holidays in Style

For many people, the holidays can be slightly stressful—especially if your friends and family don’t understand your decision to be alcohol-free this holiday. With a NOPE beverage in hand, you won’t be left with the same old boring nonalcoholic beverage options. Our Alt-Tail drinks are for everyone! Enjoy these tasty options served over ice, garnished with a lime or sprig of rosemary, or straight from the can. This Thanksgiving, sip on a NOPE beverage alongside your favorite comfort foods as you reconnect with friends and family. Tasty drinks with no regrets and zero hangovers? Now that’s worth celebrating.

November 21, 2022