Being normal is boring but rallying for vitality is everything! Do we really need to liquor up to have fun? NOPE.

Original booze-free bevies are a game-changer for any celebration but whipping them up is a hassle. Show up to the party with a tasty alternative designed to effortlessly elevate your zero-proof adventure with simple ingredients that evoke a smile, sip after sip.

Our Story

We’ve all been there or know someone who has had one too many resulting in regrettable decisions? Drunk text an ex? Spend your rent money on the bar tab? Cringe! But how can you be part of the party in a better for you way without sacrificing the fun or flavor of a great cocktail?

If you're not a soda drinker or just sick and tired of sparkling water with a splash of cranberry, there aren’t many options - which is why we created NOPE, a premium line of carbonated alt-tails shamelessly challenging the way you chill.

NOPE has the complexity of a cocktail, designed to function as a celebratory drink for anyone reconsidering your relationship with alcohol or just taking a break from booze.

No unrecognizable ingredients on our labels. NOPE is naturally tasty and our easy crack and pour alt-tails can be taken anywhere you want to celebrate.

Don’t sit this one out! Enjoy a wildly delicious alt-tail with no regrets and zero chance of the spins.

Beth Ann Shaeffer