When we get invited to a Happy Hour with work friends or plan a first date, we often picture hanging out in a bar. For those of us who are living a sober lifestyle, our beverage options at restaurants, bars, and even a friend’s house can be limited at best. Soda water with lime, again? But wait—alcohol-free drinks do not have to be boring! Alt-tails like those from NOPE beverages offer all the sparkle and celebration of a cocktail—minus the drawbacks of alcohol. Whether you have been living the sober lifestyle for a while or you are thinking of extending Dry January into the next month, you are far from alone in your quest for a fun, fizzy alt-tail. Who else is drinking NOPE? Let’s find out.

Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

Your favorite sports stars need to maintain peak physical performance, so they often skip the alcohol in favor of more hydrating beverages. No one wants to battle through a hangover on the day of a big race or game, and drinking alcohol is just not worth it. Fitness instructors and those of us who made a New Year’s resolution to exercise more can enjoy a splashy NOPE alt-tail anytime, guilt-free.

Expectant Parents

It’s no secret that pregnancy and alcohol do not mix. But just because you’re expecting a baby doesn’t mean you can’t go out on the town and enjoy yourself! Getting together with friends is a healthy way to strengthen your social relationships, and you can indulge in a sparkly NOPE beverage like Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade or Strawberry Basil Smash while you talk, laugh, and catch up.

Working Professionals

Ah, the office Christmas party. We’ve all heard tales of work parties that grew out of hand. Overindulging in alcohol can lower inhibitions and lead to regrettable decisions. If you’re wanting to avoid being “that person,” try drinking NOPE instead. There are absolutely no downsides to keeping your wits about you, especially around your work peers and supervisors!

Responsible Drivers

Drunk driving remains a serious problem across the country. If you are at a house party or a restaurant and you know you will have to drive home, why take extra chances? Drinking an alt-tail (or several) means you can join in on the fun and trust that you can get yourself home safely. You can even offer a ride to a friend who has imbibed a bit too much. Everyone wins!

January 31, 2023