At this point, we’re no strangers to the idea of a night in, right? We’ve got this down. However, once in a while, it’s okay to break free from your regular snacks and Netflix series. If you haven’t noticed, NOPE is all about stepping away from the norm and into something better.

Even though we’re spending plenty of time inside, there’s still room to have fun with it. 

Whether that means self-care, hanging with friends, or trying something new. It’s all possible to do alcohol-free. You’ll remember all the funny comments, genuine connections, and feel alive enough to conquer the next day! 

So, we’ve got 5 ideas for your perfect alcohol-free night in. Let us know how it goes! 


If there’s anything we learned last year, it’s that taking care of our mind and body is absolutely crucial. Building a nighttime routine you love can help in fighting alcohol cravings. You have something to rely on! Whether you want to include fitness, journaling, spiritual practice, meditation, or skincare - it’s all up to you! The important part is to create something you’ll actually look forward to. 

Feel free to indulge all of your senses! Light some candles, grab a fuzzy blanket, listen to relaxing music, and enjoy something delicious. We recommend our Rosemary Vanilla Lemonade


Hosting a game night is one of those things that can sound lame at first, but always leaves everyone with no voice and sore abs from laughing all night. Letting loose with a few friends is a perfect way to spend a Saturday night alcohol-free. Whip up some shareable snacks and add a prize to boost the competitive spirit. 

A game night is perfect for family, double dates, or even girls night. The best part? There are a million and one options for games. There is something for everyone out there! Plus, booze-free competitions are always much friendlier and don’t usually end in arguments. Just sayin’.


Sometimes we all need a little organizational bliss. You might just need to get all the unfinished tasks in your head down on paper. This doesn’t mean you complete everything in one night, but making a plan can really reduce some stress. Devise a plan that feels doable for you, check off one or two things that night, and then rest easy knowing you’ve got a new strategy.


Getting in touch with your creative side is an easy way to break out of your normal routine. Creating and finishing a project on your own gives you a sense of accomplishment! You can try your hand at painting, vision-boarding, restoring furniture, jewelry making, etc. Pinterest is a great resource for DIY projects. 

Get inspired, grab an alcohol-free Mango Marg, and start creating! You might just find your new favorite hobby. 


The pandemic has put no shortage of resources online for us, and this includes cooking classes. You can find instructional videos to create any kind of cuisine imaginable. So, you don’t have to try a new recipe with zero help. You can also find live videos, or sign up for a zoom cooking class. Once you decide what’s on the menu, you can also create an atl-tail to pair with it! 
The kitchen is also a great space to connect with a partner or bond with family. Feel free to recruit others to be chefs for the night as well! Connection and conversation don’t always have to be centered around booze!

This post was written by Nicole Nettell. Nicole is a sobriety advocate and the writer behind Everseeking Copy. To work with her, visit

April 13, 2021